Alg Seaweed

Feb 09 , 2020

Alg Seaweed

How much seaweed should I use a day?

There is no right or wrong answer as to how much seaweed you ‘should’ eat per day. Seaweed is a highly nutritious natural food that you can incorporate in your diet regularly as part of healthy eating.

One of the many nutrients seaweed contains iodine. According to the Australia Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), adult both men and women require 150mcg per day. That translates to 3-4g of alg Original. As alg is a dehydrated product, while 3-4g appears to be small, you are actually eating 30-40g hydrated seaweed!

If you’re new to seaweed, it’s perfectly ok to start up with a small amount, and work up to daily consumption.

Can you eat too much seaweed?

Loving your daily seaweed fix? Most likely, you’re in the clear.

However, if your diet isn’t balanced nutritionally, you can over-consume seaweed. There are rare reports of very high intakes of seaweed products impacting on thyroid health in people with underlying issues.

Not to worry – this is very uncommon, and tends to occur more with large amounts of uncooked kombu.

But if you’re worried about your consumption, consult your friendly health practitioner for guidance.


Iodine levels of seaweeds:

Japanese seaweed intake:

Nutritional benefits:

What kind of seaweed do we use in Alg?

Alg seaweed are Tasmanian locally foraged, sustainably hand harvested wakame. The principle product, Undaria pinnatifida, is an introduced invasive seaweed to Tasmania. Undaria pinnatifida (also known as Wakame) was first identified in Tasmania in 1988 and has since been reported from St Helens (NE coast) to Dover (S coast). It was thought to have been originally introduced into Tasmania via the ballast water of ships trading from Asia.

Where is your product from?

Alg seaweed is Tasmanian wakame. Bonito sesame used in Alg Bonito Sesame in imported from Japan and Black Lava Salt used in Alg Black Lava Salt is imported from Cyprus, all other ingredients are grown and made in Australia.

We proudly partner with trusted suppliers to ensure the quality of our product.