Lets go GREEN and ECO Friendly Together

Feb 15 , 2020

Lets go GREEN and ECO Friendly Together

Why Go Green With Shipping?

According to studies, shipping emissions could be the source of 17%of all global CO2 emissions in 2050, and this doesn’t factor in the carbon costs of packaging. While online shopping saves people trips to the store, which cuts down on emissions, these benefits are countered by the modern culture of fast-as-possible shipping. We all love getting things delivered to our doors in just a day or two, but it comes at an efficiency cost.


Customers are trained to expect two-day delivery when shopping online. Even when buying multiple items with the option to wait a bit longer to consolidate packaging, many customers probably don’t feel the responsibility to do so. Although convenient, this standard takes a toll on the environment from the volume of paper shipping materials used to the greenhouse gases emitted from more trucks on the road using more fuel to deliver things fast.

However, proactive and environmentally conscious ecommerce platforms and business-owners can better educate their customers on why they should these greener shipping options with marketing, or even right in their checkout box.

We are offering a green and eco friendly option now at check out. For an extra $2 you can now choose the way you want to ship your product and help save our planet. But remember this is not our only option we can also start at home by reducing our plastics and by recycling our paper waist.

It starts and finishes with us and how we choose to think.

Lets go GREEN together.