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KB Copper Coats

KB Copper Coats

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KB Copper Coats

Does your pet suffer from any of these below?


Back Pain

Pet Odour

Skin Conditions or

Stress and Anxiety

Well we can help. The Kb Copper Coats are made from high quality rip stock material, and has a separate woolen underlay coat. (cool in summer, warmer in winter)  These coats can be worn separate or can be worn together. Depending on the weather and temperature. The copper runs straight through the back bone of the woolen underlay coat so it gets the maximum benefit from the copper. The outer coat is used for more warmth or on rainy days.

You have  3 uses in one coat.

1 Copper (can also be used as a copper collar)

2 Woolen Underlay (coat for cool or warm weather)

3 Outer Coat ( used as an outside or rain weather coat with tough rip stock material)

Dogs are feeling much better and are able to move around a lot more easier with the benefits of copper.

Copper has been used for many years in humans a natural inflammatory medicine. Now we can share these with our pets.

You may also be interested in our other copper products like the cat collars and human bracelets.



To get the correct measurement for your new copper coat, just measure from the pets neck to the base of their tail. This will give you the measurement in cm that you will need to order.

These coats are ordered after payment is made.

They will take up to 2 weeks for delivery.