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100% Australian Made and Owned in Your Shop

Wag Tail Natural's very own 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil and Buddy Good Immune Recovery (hemp based) is now available to retailers. With flexible options, we make purchasing and selling our hemp products super simple. We have quick response times and are always just a phone call or email away.

About Our Hemp Seed Oil

You are buying 100% pure hemp seed oil grown by our Australian farmers, Manufactured here in Australia, sold by a local, family company Wag Tail Natural.

We are the first company that has dedicated our hemp oil to be suited for humans and pets in the same bottle. Our hemp oil has a high quantity of Omega's 3 and 6

which are great for strengthening your bones, heart health, your hair and teeth.

Our client's love it and I am sure yours will too!

Wag Tail Natural's very new carefully formulated pet food supplement is made from Australian hemp seeds, containing high dietary fiber helping to support the health of your pet's gut. All farmed, made and owned by Ausies. We have had amazing results from Buddy Good and are very excited to share it now with everyone.
The result?Calmer pet's, great skin and hair and optimised overall health and wellbeing. May help with allergies colic and ulcers in addition to other ailments.
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