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About Us

Wag Tail Designs Pet Store was created in 2015


At Wag Tail Designs we are so passionate about what we sell. You are our number one. You are the first ones we think of when we introduce a new product, whether its for your pet or for yourself. We question ourselves all the time, is this product going to benefit everyone .How will it benefit us and will it help  achieve what our customers have sought after. We believe in the products that we sell and are sourced here in Australia. So again we are helping each other.

The feed back we receive about our products is important to us and we aim to stay in touch with all our customers the best way we can. Whether the product worked for them or their pet or not. Because its about what we can do to help.

Our passion is putting you first weather its an allergy, arthritis or just getting you and your pet out and about. Dogs need freedom as much as we do and we are their voices after all.

We specialise in something close to my heart Natural products.  Equifeast Fight Back, KB Copper Collars and necklaces and Hemp Oil 100% Raw made in Australia.We are always looking out for new natural products and can keep you updated with out monthly emails.

We have lots of reviews on our web page for these product’s.

We are also proud to announce we are going green and Eco friendly. You an now have a choice on how you would like to send your parcels.

I love the thought that we can help out our pets in a much safer way and free of nasty chemicals.  Thank you for visiting our Web Site and I hope you find what you are looking for. If not I am only a phone call away.

Sylv MacDonald