Our Story

In the heart of a little community of Roleystone in WA, I decided that there was more to life then behind a desk all day. I needed to extend my passion with animals. Its origins were humble, beginning as a small family-owned business with a passion for animals and their well-being. This is where I started my dog wash business called Dog Lovers Dog Wash.

The story of Wag Tail Natural started over a decade ago when I, a dedicated animal lover, decided to pursue her dream of making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. With my background in dog washing and a genuine love for all creatures, I envisioned a place where pets could thrive on natural, wholesome products and receive the care and attention they deserved.

I poured my heart and soul into building Wag Tail Natural and Dog Lovers Dog Wash, carefully curating a selection of premium pet supplies, from nutritious foods and supplements to eco-friendly toys and grooming essentials. Every product on the shelves was handpicked, with a focus on quality, sustainability, and the well-being of furry companions.

As the years passed, Wag Tail Natural became more than just a pet shop—it became a community hub where pet owners gathered to share stories, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals who shared their passion for animals. Wag Tail Natural were known not only for their expertise but also for their genuine warmth and dedication to every pet that walked through their doors.

Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and their love for animals, Wag Tail Natural flourished, gaining recognition as a trusted authority in the pet industry. My journey was not without challenges, but my resilience and passion drove me forward, inspiring others to join me in the mission of providing the best possible care for pets everywhere.

Today, Wag Tail Natural stands as a testament to my vision and determination, a beloved institution cherished by pet owners far and wide. With over twelve years in the pet industry, I continue to innovate and evolve, always striving to improve the lives of animals and make a positive impact on the world—one wagging tail at a time.