Our Mission - Where We Donate

We believe everyone deserves a chance.

And as a Wag Tail Natural customer, you too value your pets and the people around you. By purchasing from us you are helping families, and as a business owner, I'm putting my dollars where my values are.

This is what we do... We make snuffle matts for pets! What are snuffle mats? 

Snuffle matts are a great toy for your pets and makes them use their senses buy sniffing out the treats that we put in them. These are great for training, slowing down the puppies eating and a great amusement entertainer to keep them busy.

With our snuffle mats 100% of the money goes towards our two favourite not for profit charities.

Perth Vet Bill Assist 

Helping Pet owners of WA to maintain the wellbeing of their beloved family pet, through the provision of veterinary care and education on responsible ownership. 

Paws for Diabetics

Provides support and training of hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic alert dogs for people living with diabetes in Australia. They provide support access and acceptance for Assistance Dogs in Australia, as not all disabilities are visible or obvious. Paws also raises awareness in Australia of the importance of Assistance Dogs and the vital roles they play in the lives of their handlers. And they educate the general public and businesses to the access rights of Assistance Dogs in Australia.

We also help kids with disabilities through the sale of treats...

Kyal's Doggy Treats 

Kyal is a teenager with Autism and ADHD. He loves cooking and wanted to make something healthy for his dog to eat. He doesn't let anything get in his way he bakes nearly every day and has a good clientele now at some pet stores. You can also find Kyal at the local dog events in Perth WA.

Waggles Doggy Treats

Its founder, Amy Pugh, is a talented, gregarious young women in her mid 20's living with an intellectual disability and verbal dyspraxia, neither of which negatively impacts her immense zest for life.
Amy is a long-time volunteer at The Animal Protection Society, caring for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and also at Manna Inc, where she helps prepare meals for the homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable. In founding Waggles, Amy's goal is to blend her passion for animal care and cooking, and you can support her to succeed by spoiling your pooch.
So Thank you for supporting us and supporting those around you.

- Sylv x