Our Values

Have you ever read a company's Mission Statement that sounded something like this: "We're committed to excellence by being the industry best. We provide top customer service and the highest quality products." What does that even mean? 

At Wag Tail Natural we're not focused on a Mission Statement that has no real meaning. Instead we focus on core values that we live by:


We're grateful for the work we get to do, the beautiful products we get, and oh-so-grateful for each and every customer we engage with.


Life is  beautiful and we want to experience every part of it naturally, affordability and pain free.


We sell natural products to help with everyday living and make our lives and our pet's lives feel so much better. Why should we have to feel pain in our older lives.


No grumpy Joe's here. We're fully aware our actions and words affect others. We want to leave our customers feeling cheerful after interacting with us.


We pay attention to how we're showing up in the world. 


Everyone and every situation is unique. We stay flexible so we can best serve you and your pets as the amazing, wonderful, and perfect individual's you are.