10 Human Super Foods For Your Pets

May 13 , 2022

10 Human Super Foods For Your Pets

A bit of a rant today about the pet food industry. Apologies in advance.

We have become a lazy society when it comes to our food intake for us and our pets. And it has shown to be not beneficial to us. We have had more cases of cancer in humans and pets in the last 40 to 50 years. We rely on food labels and hope that they are telling us the truth. Especially in the pet food industry. But if your thinking that the pack looks great it has lots of veggies on the front and very good looking raw meat.
This is so far from the truth of what is really in the food it self. Did you know that dog food has no regulations on it so what we import in from over seas is false. The claims of having fresh raw meat is WRONG. Pets are fed dead animals that have been sitting out in the sun rotting from disease. Mold and cancer formed on the dead animals that is put into our dog meat. Not to forget all the chemical these animals have had injected in them to die, or they have eaten through their feed. The kibble is so over cooked that any good ingredients that were in there are all dried up and gone from over cooking. If they claim it has special herbs in there, look at the list of ingredients where it is placed. Usually at the very bottom of the label. The pet food companies only need to add the smallest amount that has no affect in the meals any way. I could go on and on and on but we can not compete with the huge food companies that falsely advertise on the packets and labels of dog and cat food.
So this is why we need to protect our selves and our pets with the correct food to add to our meals to help combat all the bad crap that they are fed. Please dont take this the wrong way. You are doing your best and have been taught that what you feed is the best.
If you have changed your pets diet then GOOD ON YOU! You have done the best for your pet to live a longer healthier life.

CONVENIENCE is always the key, we all live busy lives I get it. Its simple to get a can of food out of the cupboard or a handful of bickies out of the bag. Im not going to say give up what you are doing. I just want you to know that you can help by giving them super foods as well. This will help them emenseley just changing it up a bit everyday helps. Dr Karen Becker Natural Vet says 20% a day of good food can help with inflammation alone in pets. The gut of your pet ( the second brain) will be thankful and keep the gut working at its best and help keep allergies and other infections away.
Not only can you use supper foods but you can use natural pre and pro biotics for optimal health.
We reccomend a few things like Hemp (buddy Good) Turmeric and Fight Back

Please note that not all pets can tolerate different foods. Please check with your Vet if unsure and try small pieces at a time to prevent tummy upset.