An Interview With A Pet Nutritionist (Ellie From Dogood)

Sep 18 , 2023

An Interview With A Pet Nutritionist (Ellie From Dogood)

Who is Ellie (Eulalia)?

 I have very unique profession-I help people understand their pets needs.

Our animals can’t talk that’s why they need me to communicate with parents to let them know what’s wrong and how to improve their pets health. Its kind of like dog whisper

Why am I doing this?

I become holistic dog nutritionist after loosing my own dog couple of  years ago. I started to study dog food and realised what was going into kibble, even the most expensive kind… I was horrified!
The ingredient list on the food was full of chemicals, “meals” and other mystery ingredients. They were disguising waste turned into dog food!
Sadly, vets are not spreading the right knowledge and our furry friends are exposed to chemicals and artificial ingredients which are causing health issues.
I was determined to learn more and make a change for our beautiful friends.
So I’ve made it my mission to dedicate myself to the nutrition of thriving fur babies. I’ve study Natural Dog Nutrition's and  Well-being, Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs, Canine Nutrition Diploma to become qualify Dog Nutritionist to join CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) I provide knowledge and guidance for fur families to to address specific health issues. 

How I support people?

I offer free phone consultation over the phone,  do educational blogs and just starting online classes for dog owners to open their eyes where is the main problem which makes our dogs unwell.

How does it work?

Like I mentioned before I offer free phone consultation to assess the problem and see if I can help. Then I need some fur samples to detect whats causing an issue. After detecting the reason, I have a discussion with he dog owner to see what nutritions the dog gets and be able to create a tailor-made menu for the dog , adding inexpensive natural herbs, vitamins and

minerals to the food to help overcome the issue. I offer 30 days support and re assessment to see where we at with improvement. 

Why should I bring my dog to see Ellie?

We all know the importance of putting the best quality fuel in our body to perform at our best and experience the best level of health and wellness; This is exactly the same for our pets! If your dog suffering with itchiness, red spots, returning ear infections, overweight, and aggressive, strange behaviour, you shouldn’t wait any longer. I'm pretty sure you had explored all vet’s ideas and medication and your baby still hasn’t improved and looks like is going down the hill with all this medications.  Unfortunately vets use only what they learnt at school and its not holistic approach. Every dog is different, has different issues and has to be treated differently. One kind of medicine wont help everyone equally and sometimes might not help at all. With a big help of my machine I don't go blindly with solving an issues. I know whats cooking inside and can target the problem with mother nature goods. 

When is a good time to start thinking about dogs health?

On a day one when you have your dog. To be able to have your fur baby happy and healthy you should give him nutritional food …..then you will save a fortune on Vet’s bills, medicine and most important your doggo wont be suffering.

Whats the most common issue with our dogs now?

90% of our dogs have issues with itchiness and most of vets are saying that’s environmental allergy and giving steroid shots and medication which ruin dogs health even more.

The itchiness can have a different base and should be detected before any treatment. We can do more harm than good treating an allergy if the dog has parasites or hormonal imbalance ….thats why I always check the skin/fur before giving any advise.

If you could give only one advise to the dog owners what would it be?

Dont give your dog any kibble. That’s not a food and has no nutritional value for our fur babies. Its a rubbish dried up in 200C, milled and mixed with artificial vitamins which our dogs can’t digest and that’s the main reason of our dogs health issues.  30-40 years ago our dogs didn’t have cancers, seizures, allergies …..and they life span was much longer….. since a kibble was introduced the roller coaster has started and our dogs are suffering a big time. They don't deserve it. They believe in us to look after them, so lets do the right way and feed them with mother nature goodness.  

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Phone: 0401 948 456