<br>Copper and Why We Need It.

Mar 08 , 2020

Copper and Why We Need It.

Anxiety in humans and pets (why you could be missing copper)

First of all Dogs can not store copper, they tend to urinate it out and humans dont get enough copper in our food.

If you struggle with anger problems, mood swings, or ADHD, you may be surprised to learn that an imbalance of minerals such as copper could play a role.
You might be familiar with a large collection of daily ‘essential nutrients’ that are listed on your everyday food labels. Among the common nutrients are elements like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc and iron. What you may not know, however, is that there is another essential mineral your body needs, and you almost never see it listed along with those other nutrients.
That mineral is copper.
Copper plays an integral role in ensuring the mental, physical and chemical well being of your body and, along with all the other essential minerals and nutrients, is vital for survival. In addition to helping you live a healthy life, new studies have

found it also plays an integral role in balancing your mood levels, in addition to be a huge factor in affecting learning disorders (specifically ADHD) and more.
To truly understand the essential role of this metal and its effects on your body, it is important to delve into its biological roles.

Great news for all. We have had great success in our pets with copper, we decided to go ahead and make human bracelets and necklaces. Still affordable for all of us.