Lets Talk About Pet Food, The Good and The Bad

Aug 11 , 2023

Lets Talk About Pet Food, The Good and The Bad

In the good old days as kids we would feed our pets under the table and food scraps after our nightly meal. Dogs never had to worry about allergies and skin conditions back then. I don’t even remember my parents ever saying the dog needs a vet visit.

What happened?

Well lets answer a few of those questions today for you.


The Pet Food Industry

Earlier this year, a documentary called Pet Fooled made its debut with an aim to expose the secrets and lack of transparency in the pet food industry. Marketed toward humans, but made for consumers who can’t speak (our dogs and cats), pet food companies have learned how to navigate through verbiage and loopholes. The end result is a product that’s cheap and easy for them to make, while buyers are promised that they’re giving “quality,” “healthy,” and “nutritious” food to their pets.

You can watch the trailer  Pet Fooled here I also highly recommend the book from Dr Karen Becker The Forever Dog. An amazing read that you will never look at the pet food industry again twice.


Now I can not  tell you the best thing to feed your dog as I am not a nutritionist and every dog is different, but I can advise you on the research that I have done and what I feed my  pets.


Lets Start With Raw Feeding

You bet I feed Raw to my beloved pets, but not all pets can handle the raw feed or  not all of us have the time to prepare the meals each day with the correct ingredients that they also need. In Australia we have learned that feeding pets natural human grade food is the best we can do to save on Vet bills and save a dogs life from early arthritis, allergies and so much more. We have a lot of small family companies now taking on the pet food raw industry and almost at affordable prices. I dont have the time to make meals myself so I buy mine ready made and frozen. My small dogs cant handle the raw so I boil it for a couple of minutes each day. My girls are 16 years old and have very little  ailments in their life. I do add Hemp everyday to their food to help also. A few raw meals I have tested and would recommend are Barf and Wolfit Box


Why We Shouldn’t Feed Kibble


Kibble was an invention of the pet food industry during World War II , and it has led to some serious consequences. During the war, there were rations on meat and tin. Up until then, packaged pet food was in cans, meaning it had a higher moisture content similar to their species-specific diets (in other words, fresh meat that they killed). But when meat became limited and tin reserved for ammunition, the pet food industry knew they had to formulate a convenient type of pet food that they could package in a bag – dry kibble. Now that this dry food is the norm, pets live in a state of chronic mild dehydration, and rates of kidney disease, organ failure, and diabetes have skyrocketed among pets.


Grains In Our Pet Food Is Very Bad

The overuse of processed grains like corn and wheat are a cheap way for companies to add “bulk” to their foods, but provide little nutrition for our four-legged friends. The consumption of these low-quality grains, is the cause for the widespread obesity, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and allergies that afflict our pets. 


Treats For Pets

Again Store bought treats contain lots of additives, coloring and sugars that feed the yeast in a dog that causes the allergies and inflammation. STOP looking at those shop packaging brands that promote science based food, its incorrect. Dog food industry has no regulations on pet food so they can add any words to make you pick up that packet and think it’s good for them. Its not.

Remember you are prolonging your dogs life by doing the right thing, buying correct food, saving on Vet bills and your pet is much healthier and lives longer.