<br>Let's Talk About Our Older Pets

Nov 23 , 2020

Let's Talk About Our Older Pets

Our pets are our life, they are apart of who we are and what we do as a family. We take them camping, fishing to our local cafe strip every where. Now they feel pain just like us but are dam good at hiding it.
How do we tell if they are in pain? There are many signs to show you a pet is in pain. The way they walk, they way they take time to get up, The chewing at their joints, Licking lip's, not wanting to move and more.
How can we help these guys live not only longer but live with less pain.
Glad your here and glad you asked. There are many ways you can help your pet naturally.
Hemp Oil (Wag Tail Natural sell a great one) Hemp is high in omega-3, omega-6 including GLA (healthy polyunsaturated fats) and low in saturated fats (the nasty fats) hemp oil is the healthiest culinary oil available! and it works great with results in pets after 2 days.
Copper Collars: Copper is a natural mineral found under ground and has many benefits, it was even used in the Egyptian days and still around today. The pets we have had it on have had relief from Arthritis pain and it looks great. Why shouldn't our pets wear jewelry that work's and looks good at the same time
Other products that may help are Rose Hip Vital and Turmeric and Black Pepper paste.
Every pet is different and every natural solution doesn't work the same on every pet.
But I know that these products work because dogs dont have a placebo affect so they show us in their improvements.
You can shop and buy these products for your pets right here.

We would love to see your feed back on what has worked for your pets. After all this page is for our pets and giving them a better life.
Thanks Sylv