LickiMat Recipes

Jul 31 , 2020

LickiMat Recipes

Cookies and Cream on Playdate

With dry food I also like to make a doggy cookies and cream ice cream. For this simple recipe, the ingredients are:

1/4 cup dry food
3/4 cup coconut milk or natural yoghurt
1 tablespoon pure peanut butter
1 tablespoon cream cheese

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until most kibble is broken down into crumbs. It's OK to leave some pieces whole. Scoop onto your LickiMat. Because of the cream cheese, if you leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes it will thicken up or freeze for an hour. Sprinkle extra kibble on top before serving, take a photo and share!

Doggy pâté made from dry pet food, carrots and blueberries

Dry dog food is already designed as a well-balanced diet for your pet but you can still have a bit of fun with it. The dry kibble is great for your pet's teeth giving them something hard to chew on every day. But using it wet for a few treats won't do your pet any harm. Soak dry food in water, milk or coconut to make a tasty pâté. Perfect way to make a Lickimat treat without the hassle of buying fancy ingredients, or you can get a bit creative with it by adding vegetables or fruit.

Cover and soak 1/2 cup of dry kibble in boiling water for about 15 minutes. In a food processor chop up about 5cm/2 inches of carrot and a small handful of frozen or fresh blueberries. Add the soaked kibble and blend some more to make a doggy pâté. Spread on to Lickimat Soother and serve immediately. It will taste too good for them to wait!

Raw Beef & Carrot LickiMat 

My dog loves raw beef mince and grated carrot. Some people like to make a blend with stuff like probiotic, omega-3 oil, mint, hemp or other doggy supplements. LickiMat is perfect for making those recipes.

Also, Bannanas and Yogurt make great frozen treats