<BR>Meet Scout Our Model Dog

Sep 22 , 2023

Meet Scout Our Model Dog


A story about our dog Scout

I got Scout on my birthday in 2017. She had been picked out for me on the day she was born so I was excited to get her! She was this tiny, bug-eyed little thing who had so much confidence and spunk. I named her after Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. She loved to go fishing, camping and lived and breathed the outdoors. When we moved to Victoria, she adapted well to the lifestyle change,but not the cold (and I can't blame her - I have yet to adapt myself!). She's always been a really well-behaved dog and the only issue she has is her allergies and sadly anxiety as she has gotten older.

How you came across your dog?

 A friend of mine bred her. They chose her for me the day that the litter was born 🙂

What makes your dog the best and why is he or she so loved?

She is incredibly loving towards my young son. She is the only dog out of our three who will let him near her and will seek him out for some love. She is easygoing, fun to play with, and gorgeous on top of it all. She loves to cuddle up with me on the couch on a cold winter day and she's my best friend.

Where does he sleep?

Scout sleeps inside on the couch.

Problems that have been solved?

When wearing her copper collar, her feet no longer itch. We no longer have dark brown yeast stains on her tummy.

Funniest thing they do?

Everyday she will run around and play with Jarrah our other dog. She loves to roll on her back on the couch and wriggle around.

What does Scout hate?

Thunderstorms and artillery training noises (we live near Puckapunyal Army Base)

We live right near an army training base so we hear a lot of gun fire and artillery training and she tends to get a little fearful of it but the last few times it has happened she has been fine and I really think that it is the product Buddy Good Hemp that has made a big difference!

Why you chose Wag Tail Natural Products for your dog

Scout has allergies and it's been a bit of a trial to try and find products that help her be more comfortable. I first came across the copper collars and found that they helped her quite a lot, and my trust in the company has built from there.

 Love Scout’s mum Tobi Mitchell and Family