<BR>NEW Hemp Blend For All Animals

Oct 08 , 2023

NEW Hemp Blend For All Animals

Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend: A Natural Healer For Your Animal Companions

If you're a pet owner or an equestrian, you've likely encountered various challenges in your day-to-day care routines. From health issues to behavioral problems, each animal friend comes with unique needs. Today, I want to introduce you to the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend, a product that has made a significant difference in the lives of my four-legged companions. Let's meet some of them!

Meet Yodi: A Remarkable Improvement

Yodi, my 19-year-old BoerAnglo Nubian x goat, has been struggling with crippling lameness, particularly during the winter. Her arthritis symptoms have increased over time, leading to uneven load bearing and abnormal hoof growth. Despite the assistance of a professional farrier and the administration of 4cyte, her condition showed only minimal improvement. The next step, as recommended by the veterinarian, was painkillers and pentosan injections.

However, before resorting to this, I decided to try the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend. I gave Yodi a tablespoon of the blend, and the results were remarkable. She was able to get up easier, walk without limping, and overall seemed to be in much less pain. The blend was easily incorporated into her diet, and it's a supplement I would love to continue using. After all, Yodi's advanced age naturally brings about arthritic changes, and anything that can ease her discomfort is a blessing.

Meet Roxy: A Calm Among the Storm

Roxy, my 17-year-old Arabian x stock horse, had always been what you might call 'marey'. She was generally unapproachable and did not like other horses close to her. However, after four weeks on the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend, I noticed a significant change in her demeanor. She became more relaxed and even started to mingle with other horses without her usual assertive roar.

As winter turned to spring, Roxy's coat began to shed, revealing a shiny new coat with beautiful dapples. This transformation, I believe, can be attributed to the nutrient-rich blend of the Wag Tail product.

Meet Aria: A Peaceful Transformation

Aria, though not a ridden horse, had always been aggressive towards other horses in the paddock. But after starting on the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend, she became noticeably more sedate. Her transformation was so striking that a friend even commented on her newfound calmness.

Over the winter, Aria lost a bit of weight and developed a habit of lying in ant nests, resulting in welts and hives. However, after starting the blend, her reactions to the ant bites seemed to lessen, with no hives or heat, suggesting that the blend may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend: Your Next Go-To Supplement

If you're looking for a natural, easy-to-administer supplement for your pets or horses, the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend might be just what you need. Based on my personal experience, this blend has had a profound effect on the health and behavior of my animal companions. It's a product that I can confidently recommend for other animal owners like me.

So why wait? Try the Wag Tail Natural Horse Blend today and be a part of the natural care revolution for your four-legged friends. REVIEWS INSIDE

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