Top 10 Natural Things You Can Do To Help With Pet Allergies

Nov 07 , 2020

Top 10 Natural Things You Can Do To Help With Pet Allergies

Other things you can do is cut out food that is starchy and full of carb's like rice, pasta and some dog kibbble not made in Australia. Sugary treats as they will feed the yeast also. Go back to the old fashion de hydrated food as treats or carrots.

The aim is to heal your pets gut to give them the best start in life and build their immunity. You can choose to feed a raw diet (NO CHICKEN) this will keep the immune system boosted to fight of all those bad bacteria. You can also choose a natural pro biotic to help keep your pets gut boosted all the time like our Buddy Good Hemp

PLEASE STOP OVER VACCINATING We are just making their immune week. By over toxinating our pets with flea treatments and vaccinations every year they do not need. Opt for a Titer Test. Its a blood test done by a vet and this will tell you how long your dog is immune to his or hers last vaccination. (it is usually 3 to 5 years)

Use the correct shampoo for your pet. Vets will sell you only 1 brand of shampoo and that is Malisab. ( I hate Malisab) Malisab is good for a bacterial infection used on occasion but vets are telling you to over use this and this shampoo will dry your pets skin out and make the situation worse. Try a dermic care shampoo, that is a sensitive and no harmful chemicals or better still Organic Shampoo.

Seek out a Holistic vet that you can talk to about Hair Analyst or a desensitisation for your pet. 

Good luck on your allergy journey. Nothing is a quick fix, It will get worse every year especially if you are using medications from the Vet. Remember it's a long road but trying these simple methods first will help on the budget and your pets long term health. Most people find these methods work best for their pets. But sometimes Vets are needed. Please try a Holistic Vet first.