Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Aug 15 , 2022

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Many dogs have a condition known as pica, which means they eat things that are not food. including dirt, feces, toys, and grass.1 Most experts agree, however, that grass eating is normal canine behavior and that this type of pica usually doesn't cause too many, if any, problems. So why grass?

Grass Tastes Good

It's safe to assume that some dogs simply enjoy the flavor and texture of grass. There's also some speculation that grazing on grass may provide fiber or traces of vitamins and minerals that aren't adequately provided in commercial dog food.

The modern domestic dog has a limited diet in general, but its wild relatives continue to enjoy a diverse bounty of food. Coyotes, for example, typically eat vegetable matter found in the stomachs and intestines of prey animals. In fact, many wild canines also eat roots, grasses, and berries in addition to the meat they kill or scavenge.

This tendency to eat plants shows up in your dog's behavior too. It's likely that, in addition to grass, your puppy enjoys safe raw-plant snacks, such as sliced bananas green beans, strawberries, or even apple slices, from time to time. You might also find that your dog turns its nose up at certain raw fruits and veggies, such as broccoli, but really enjoys them cooked.

To Induce Vomiting

Eating grass doesn't always result in vomiting, but it can sometimes, especially in dogs that don't eat grass regularly. It's possible that these occasional grass eaters are attempting to use it as a natural emetic to stimulate vomiting when they feel unwell.

You might notice this if your dog is a little gassy before going outside to do its business or after it's eaten something it wasn't supposed to. Its feces may also be a little runny, discolored, or not normal in some other way, and the dog may look a little down or slightly less energetic than normal.

Once outside, your dog with the gassy tummy may begin to gulp mouthfuls of grass. The long, tickling strands may prompt it to regurgitate whatever's been causing its upset stomach. When this is done, it may return to its normal activities fairly soon and show no other signs of illness.

It also helps improve their gut biome and can eliminate intestinal parasites.