Why Use Chemicals When There Is A Better Natural Choice

Oct 25 , 2021

Why Use Chemicals When There Is A Better Natural Choice

We have a lot of products that can help you and your pets improve and live a much healthier life style. Lets get back to how it should be and look at our planet earth for all the products that we need. A lot of our products from Wag Tail Natural are from the earth and this is what nature intended for us. But be care full when you are searching for products.

Check, where are they from?

Are they organically grown?

Are they farmed in Australia?

Are they safe for Pets?

Are the products human grade?

At Wag Tail Natural ours are. We try and source all our products locally or from Australia Farmers. There are a few that are from our sister country New Zealand but we have marked where they are from.

About some of our natural products


Natural Flea Treatment,

A human grade De Powder safe to digest or use as a powder to kill bugs and fleas on pets. It is a is an inert Silica based sedimentary layer harvested from sediments made up of Diatoms, at the bottom of oceans, lakes, and rivers around the globe. It comes from diatoms - a type of single-celled algae with microscopic, beautiful geometric shells made of silicon dioxide. Over millennia, diatoms accumulate in aquatic sediments as fossils that can be harvested and dried into a fine white dust. This absorptive dust, known as "DE", has been used as an exfoliant in skin products, a source of detoxification and mineral additive in pet food, and is an extremely effective reduced-risk pesticide.


One vulnerability most insects share is the danger of drying out. Their exoskeleton - the hard outer "shell" most adult insects have - safeguards their internal moisture. Inert ("safe") dusts such as DE are effective pesticides because they absorb water - protecting fats and oils from the epicuticle

(outer layer) of the exoskeleton, thereby disabling its moisture-retaining ability. The insect essentially dehydrates. DE works mechanically, not chemically, and it will remain effective as long as it's undisturbed.

DE is unique among inert dusts because of its abrasive properties.

The microscopically sharp edges of diatoms abrade the epicuticle, enhancing the dehydrating effect.

Natural De-Wormer For Pets & Humans


A protein boost – they supply a well-balanced form of all the essential amino acids which are very nourishing, energising and easily digestible.

Iron and phosphorus: promote healthy blood development and efficient nerve and mental activity.

Magnesium – necessary for muscle relaxation

Zinc – known for its many functions in the body including the healing and maintenance of tissues, enhancing the immune system.

Antioxidant vitamins A & E – protects cells from free radical damage and aids the body to grow, maintain and heal.

B group vitamins – needed to process protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Essential fatty acids contained in the oil which make up to 45 – 50% of the total seed, supply and transport vitamins to the body, reduce cholesterol and support the reproductive and urinary tract.

No cholesterol

Helps with prostate in men

A natural de-wormer for humans and Pets

Natural Anti Inflammatory Products To Help


Wag Tail Natural Hemp Seed Oil

(Australian Farmed)

Hemp Seed Oil is a great immune booster for both humans and pets.

Great for strengthening your bones, heart health, your hair and teeth.

High in omega-3, omega-6 including GLA (healthy polyunsaturated fats) and low in saturated fats (the nasty fats) hemp oil is the healthiest culinary oil available!

With 40% less saturated fat than olive oil, and a superior fatty acid profile to flax seed oil, the choice is easy!

Hemp Seed Oil is also great for external use. It alleviates dry skin, reduces stress, strengthens nails and heals cuticles, helps relieve joint pain, works well to remove makeup, as a facial mask, it reduces acne and relieves eczema, and it's even an excellent hair conditioner!


Turmeric Paste for Pets

(from NZ)


Turmeric Golden Paste for Pets is manufactured in a human food grade facility using only the finest, mostly organic, human food grade ingredients.

Convenient, no messy cooking, staining or mixing. Traditional recipe with the added benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother) and Ceylon Cinnamon.


Copper Collars

(Australian Made)

We all need copper in our lives. Copper is an essential mineral in our bodies. Our pets cannot store enough copper in their system. (they tend to urinate it out before they get the benefits)

Wearing copper collars helps allow small amounts of copper into the body, to relieve sore joints and circulation issues.

We have noticed in pets that are wearing the collars they have more movement and has helped with the above mentioned.


Treating Allergies in Pets


Buddy Good (pre biotic)

Wag Tail Natural's very new carefully formulated pet food supplement is made from Australian hemp seeds, containing high dietary fiber helping to support the health of your pet's gut. All farmed, made and owned by Ausies.


Fight Back (pro biotic)

Fight Back is the easiest way to help support a healthy and normal immune system in your pet. The powder form product is all-natural ingredients and help to improve environmental, food, skin and seasonal allergies in your pet.


Wag Tail Natural Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp works on every cell in the body. It is a natural immune booster helping treat the pets microbiome.

Copper Collars

Helps treats allergies and ear infections with its natural anti bacterial surface

Calming Pets with Anxiety or Misbehavior


Buddy Good

A natural hemp based calmer, calming pets down naturally. It works on every cell in the pets body to trigger the brain to say "hey its ok I got this." Great reviews


Cool Calm and Collected

Cool, Calm & Collected is a completely natural approach to allow the brain and nervous systems to work as nature intended, improving behaviour without sedation. Cool, Calm & Collected dog and cat calmer contains nutrients traditionally used to support good behaviour and is built on a base of chelated calcium. Ideal for working, competition, nervous and spooky dogs. Also suitable for nervous cats.


Wag Tail Natural Hemp Seed Oil

Helps ease anxiety in humans and pets


Copper Collars

Helps with anxiety in pets