Why Use Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil For Humans?

Dec 17 , 2019

Why Use Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil For Humans?


 Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil is considered THE most balanced oil in all of nature. Hemp Seeds are natural, vegan, full of plant-based protein, packed with healthy fats and perfectly balanced with the correct ratio of the essential fatty acids Omega 6 to Omega 3. For nutrition, it is unparalleled. Our raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil provides vital nutrients and natural (legal) cannabinoids, plus it’s high in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin E, sodium, sulfur and zinc. Used for both food and body care, whether you eat it or massage it into your skin, Hemp Seed Oil provides a range of necessary nutrients and helps prevent a variety of common diseases.


Hemp is used to make food , textiles and building materials. Marijuana is used to get high. They can both be used for medicinal purposes, and cannabis is the name of the plant they both come from.


We’re a collective of vet’s and scientists and cannabis activists. Our mission is to share the benefits of safe legal cannabis by helping educate, instigate and advocate for a sensible approach to this beautiful plant. Our scientific knowledge allows us to bring innovative products to the animal world – to learn more.


  • Nope it won’t get you high
  • Yep it’s legal.
  • Nope, it wont fix everything – and don’t trust anyone who tells you it will

Hemp protects against:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • strokes
  • anxiety and depression
  • high cholesterol
  • attention disorders
  • migraines and headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • age-related eye conditions (macular degeneration and cataracts)
  • constipation
  • haemorrhoids
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • colitis
  • neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline).

Proof is in the pudding her are some testimonials 

Received my hemp oil today very well packaged I was very surprised that it is in a large bottle tried it today and I noticed a big change and my body already especially for pains thank you


Great for skin & well-being

I use it in salads and add it to coconut water fruit smoothies and I can say after a couple of months of use, I have noticed improved skin tone, sleep is better and it has all Omega’s (3,6.9) which is fantastic for the body and brain. Recommend highly – all natural and grown from the earth!


Give Hemp Oil time to work.

After using your Hemp Oil mixed into my porridge each morning for around 8 weeks now, I am finally feeling some relief from chronic pain. I will continue to take the oil daily as I improve more substantially. Our rescue Cat who was burnt, injured & rescued from bush fires 10 years ago has the Pet Hemp Oil & seems much happier with his mobility much improved.
Your Hemp oil is also very easy to use as it has a yummy nutty flavour & able to be mixed into most foods.
Your Hemp Oil has also improved my Gastric Reflux symptoms.
Most gratefully yours,
Jill – Melbourne

Aching Joints

The hemp seed oil is definitely helping my aching joints. I’m feeling soooo much better since I began using it

Wendy Lambert

A super dooper-food

I love this product it’s better & more refined than other products out there (I have tried at least 4) Plus it’s much more cost effective.
*I take it for my arthritic processes
*My husband takes it combined with Kombutcha for his Diabetes
*My dog loves it and would lick up a whole bottle if I let him (he has arthritis in his little leg.
So does it work?
Bloody oath it does! Watch this space for more data after another month.

Karina Maher

Anxiety relief.

Since taking the 100% Raw hemp seed oil my anxiety levels have reduced quite nicely.
I recommend it to everyone to try it. Also I
had No side effects at that all.

Troy Black

Hemp Seed oil for the whole family!

Myself, my 17 year old dog and my 14 year old cat have been on the hemp oil for 3 weeks. I have found that myself and the dog sleep well at night, its palatable – even the cat will take it in her food. I certainly have felt good since being on it and I have seen a difference in the animals in their coats, behavior and general well being. Very happy with the product.

K9 Swim Hydrotherapy and Wellness Centre

Delicious Oil for Cooking & My Skin

This oil is tasty and is perfect for all my recipes. I also use this oil on my skin after a shower and have already noticed an improvement in my skin allergies. Highly recommend to others! (not recommended for frying)

Mia Francisco

Panic Attacks
I thought I would try hemp seed oil to ease my anxiety and panic attacks, 26 days in and so far so good. for the people out there that have thought about trying it. think no more and just give it a go. well worth the money.
Scott Rolff
My wife & I are both in our late 70’s suffering Diabetes, Arthritis and other age related symptoms. We are on plenty of prescription medications so after seeing your stand at Dog Lovers show (my daughter got some for her dogs skin, I was told it would be good for us. We both started taking a teaspoon full at breakfast on 23rd June and our 500ml bottles should last us about 3 months. To date there has been no miraculous changes in our conditions although we will see how we are in another couple of months. Sometimes when you do something different you don’t notice any change but you also are not aware of how you would be if you hadn’t made a change. We will certainly be getting another bottle each when this one is nearly empty to give it a thorough trial.
Trevor Knaggs

Great for skin

My baby got a bad rash on her cheeks. I have tried many famous baby cream products but none worked for her. I applied hemp oil slightly on her cheeks twice a day, and the red rush disappear in 2 days. Can’t be happier.

Anggit Maharani

I bought a bottle of hemp seed oil for my mother who struggles with severe osteoarthritis, she is on various medications for this condition but after taking the oil for a months she does think the oil is making a difference for her, she’s definitely not pain free and still struggles to walk but even a small difference is obviously very welcome. Will be ordering this again and hope it continues to help
Robyn Van der breggen
Restless Legs
I have noticed that my restless legs at night have stopped. great. Also I have more energy and my joint pain is less
Paget, Janet
Autonomic Neuropathy
I have to admit that the pain levels in my joints and the pain from my autonomic neuropathy appears to have lessened, I will continue to use the oil to see if the lowered readings with my diabetes continue. I have only been using it for a little over 3 weeks.
Andrew Coe