Mst Sold Products of 2022 to 2023

Jul 12 , 2023

Mst Sold Products of 2022 to 2023

At Wag Tail Natural we can not thank you enough for all the support we receive from you guys. All our natural products has saved lots of $$$$ Vet bills and  we will continue helping pets heal naturally from different ailments that they have.

I though I would share what was most popular in order this year with our customers.

Our fundraiser also did amazing as well, with the continued support we are saving human lives by training pets to pick up on their owners in a hypoglycemic episode.(low sugar in Diabetes)

#1 Hemp seed Oil For Humans and Pets

#2 Buddy Good Hemp For Pets

#3 Copper Collars

#4 Copper Jewellery

#5 Pet Crystals

#6 Pet Treats Australian Farmed

#7 Lickimats

#8 Turmeric

#9 Grooming Products

Thanks Guys for all of your support.