Why Use Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil For Pets?

Dec 17 , 2019

Why Use Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil For Pets?


Wag Tail Hemp Seed Oil is natures best medicine. Its natural, safe, affordable, sustainable, legal and it helps with dozens of ailments which dogs and humans regularly suffer from. Your dog is a member of your family and we care very strongly about families – especially those who cant afford extremely expensive pharmaceutical medication – which is where hemp comes in.


Hemp is used to make food , textiles and building materials. Marijuana is used to get high. They can both be used for medicinal purposes, and cannabis is the name of the plant they both come from.


We’re a collective of vet’s and scientists and cannabis activists. Our mission is to share the benefits of safe legal cannabis by helping educate, instigate and advocate for a sensible approach to this beautiful plant. Our scientific knowledge allows us to bring innovative products to the animal world – to learn more.


  • Nope it won’t get you high
  • Yep it’s legal.
  • Nope, it wont fix everything – and don’t trust anyone who tells you it will


  • immune system
  • heart
  • brain
  • skin
  • digestive system
  • blood
  • joints
  • lungs
  • mucous membranes
  • bones
  • hair
  • teeth



My 2 year old retriever is from a rescue home. After a couple of months he became aggressive towards my other dog shown in this photo. If he was tied up and saw a dog walk past our yard, he would snarl and try and get loose. Then we tried the Hemp Seed Oil For Pets, after 10 day we noticed a difference he was becoming more placid and softening in his attitude, he has calmed right down and is now able to enjoy the dog park with no stress or anxiety.

Kerryn, McCrae


My 2 year old kelpie/staffy cross, Zoey, has severe separation anxiety, and has issues sleeping, as she alerts at every noise. After 2 days on the Hemp Seed Oil For Pets, she is now sleeping like a baby! She’s so much calmer, overall, able to be on her own without crying constantly. Her dry skin has improved, she is shiny and healthy. Could not recommend this more highly. 100% satisfied customer!

Amanda, Canberra


We have a 17-year-old greyhound. She has a little Arthritis but otherwise okay. Then she began having seizures…the vet suggested she has had a good innings, you can guess the rest. Our dog is happy and otherwise fine so we decided to try medication. Well…on the medication she couldn’t walk, kept falling over and we were having doubts about our decision. A workmate suggested we try your Hemp Seed Oil so with nothing to lose except our beloved family member we ordered some. That was about a month ago. We took her off the medication and started her on the Oil. She now thinks she’s a puppy again, back to her old self! Running around, chasing the ball and the other dog. We are so grateful to that workmate   for giving her life back, for whatever time she has.

Wendy, Arrarat


I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the promises at the time of purchasing the oil. When it arrived i started using it on my 3 dogs. Once daily in their food. The biggest change we have seen in 30 days was their coat. It is so shiny and silky. We have a German Sheppard and her outer coat is usually quite coarse. However, 30 days in with the oil and it is as soft as my Huskey’s coat! I’ve ordered a second bottle and will keep giving it to them. Thank you!

Jenny, East Albury (NSW)



I got oil for my staffy who has been diagnosed with Cancer, he seems to like it so far and has got a bit more bounce in his step. I can only hope for a great outcome. I have also been giving it to my 15 year old Staffy X as she has a bit of arthritis. She too like’s it and is a bit more bouncier. So far so good.

Zaharia, Sturt SA


My doggy has been treated for dermatitis on both her outer thighs which resulted in 2 huge bald dry scaley areas. After 3 days of applying this oil twice a day to her bald patches, hair growth has returned. She also has been having the oil in her dinner. I will be placing another order in the near future, I am so thank full I have found it.

Linda Ulverstone Tasmania


I have tried many products from the vet…. apple cider viniger or baby oil inflames her ear. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus is poisioness to dogs. Many vet products and thousands of dollars have not helped in the last 3 years. I tried hemp seed oil for pets to pep up my dog and one day used the oil to clean her ears. To my surprise her waxy fungal build up has reduced! Usually every 3 days her ears would come inflamed and there is brown spotting around the exterior of her ear. She now doesn’t scrape the floor to relieve itching and does not shake her head. i love using natural products again now with curiosity on the human products. Glad to know they contain no drug ingredients as I do not want chemicals only natural well working products to help me and my pets thank you.

Wendy Gloucester NSW


I have a very anxious Husky with epilepsy and was delighted with the speedy delivery. She seemed more chilled out from her first dose.

Lorraine Morphett Vale SA

Hip Dislocation and Limping

My dog Buddy has congenital hip dislocation and as he has aged it had begun to cause him problems. Often unable to weight bear and he was limping. The anti inflammatory medication prescribed by the vet just made Buddy depressed and he stopped eating. I had tried him on turmeric, black pepper and olive oil which helped a bit but the Hemp Seed Oil For Pets has been amazing. After 5 days there was only a hint of a limp and today after 7 days it has almost gone.

Diane, Cairns

Spinal Issues, Enlarged Disc, Mobility

Our dog Odie, was first diagnosed with arthritis, but later, after we discovered him dragging his back legs, that it was actually an enlarged disc. Placing pressure onto his spinal cord, hence prohibiting him from using his rear legs. He was proscribed a course of potent anti-inflammatory, which worked to a certain extent. However the vet sent him home to us with a pamphlet, explaining end of life scenarios for our pet. It was then we discovered Hemp Seed Oil and ordered our first batch of Hemp Seed Oil for pets. Odie is now like a new dog. He is playing with our seven month old puppy now and goes on walks with us around our suburb. There is no doubt that Odie still has an ongoing spine problem, however the Hemp Seed Oil For Pets allows him to function pain free.
Peter, Toowomba
The hemp oil is helping to reduce the seizures in my dog who is being treated for a brain tumour.
Suzanne Holland Park West QLD
My 3.5 year old doggo had chronic back problems and stomach issues which caused her a lot of pain. Five days of starting the hemp oil for pets she is able to move and play like she did when she was a pup.It’s such a relief. Plus her coat is softer, her anxiety levels have dropped and her stomach problems greatly reduced. I recommend this product to anyone who asks.
Bernadette, Kensington VIC
Storm Anxiety
My dog is noticeably calmer in storms and not have so many Jekyll and Hyde moments.
Amanda Mountain Creek QLD